Bio-ImageHello! My name is David Eugene Burford. I am a Fire Dancer know by the stage name “D.E.B.”, and I currently reside in Salem, Ohio. A small city that is 30 minutes away from Youngstown.

In the beginning, I lived the life of trying to pursue a modeling career as an “Androgynous” Male Model. In April of 2011, I came to a conclusion that my talent had died. To rebirth my image to a thousand fold, I had searched the internet top and bottom of ways to make myself stand out from the others. While watching music videos of KISS on YouTube, I had witnessed a live performance clip of Gene Simmons (the same individual who inspired me to play bass guitar) spewing fire from his mouth, and thatís when a lit light bulb popped in my mind.

My exact words were, “I so wanna learn that”!! I then immediately started researching about this amazing talent. While researching, I came across something that really caught my eye. The art of Fire Eating! After noticing that my upcoming “rebirth” portfolio shoot was only 2 months away, I had realized I didn’t have much time to waste. Long story short! I had purchased a DVD called “The Art Of Fire Eating”, a $20 pair of wooden fire torches from Ebay, and studied various ìhow to doî tutorials from YouTube. After the portfolio shoot was over, I had returned home as a happy camper.

Falling in love with my new found power, I had decided to take a complete ìfull throttleî direction with it. Around Halloween of 2011, I had my very first Fire Eating Gig. It was at a headlining act for Drag Queens Alaska Thunderfuck and Sharon Needles (of whom later both appeared on the Reality TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”) at an event in Pittsburgh called “Bloodbath”. I was hired to portray the role as “The Fire Eating Satan”. Later on, I decided to add the arts of “Fire Breathing” and “Fire Spinning” to the mix. My new fire toys of choice, were spinning fire torches and fire fans.

In the summer of 2012, I sat out to form my own company name. I struggled to figure out what to call my business. I wanted something that would sound fabulous, something that would represent fire, and something that sounded entertaining. That’s when the company name “Fabulous Fire Entertainment” came to mind.

As of today, I now appear in the form of a Drag Queen. Armed with my fire fans, I now have a goal to fuse various art forms from both worlds of fire and dance. Thus, crafting the ultimate Fire Dancing construct. Why dance, you ask? I would have to thank my love for the TV show called “So You Think You Can Dance” on that one. Whatever art form I’ll learn next, I will never tellI! I will only show.

So get ready, D.E.B. is coming to a city near you!